Monday, February 27, 2017

It's Just Bedhead Because I Forgot

I honestly had the loveliest weekend. I spent Saturday with my mother, lunching and shopping for little bits and bobs. I picked up some seeds that I've already planted (forget-me-nots and sensitive plants) and two dresses for only two dollars (I thought the tags were marked wrong, it was incredible). By Sunday I was shedding tears over every sweet thing. Two different YouTubers that I follow are pregnant, my sick dog is playing with toys again, and the Dolce & Gabbana show was so wonderful and inclusive and sweet. Seriously, be still my Milan Fashion Week loving heart. It was everything I could want from D&G.

Anyway, I have major bedhead in these photos because I slept in yesterday, and totally forgot I needed to take photos of this old-man-weekender outfit of dreams. I had left my hair in the kind of bun that transforms my hair into a massive, wonky-curled mess. It's a nightmare to sort out. Sometimes I realize that I'm not "blogger" material. This was one of those times. 

Thursday, February 23, 2017

I Keep Writing About Seasons and I'm Sorry

As the government seems to just want to see the world crumble (you know, you know), Milan Fashion Week is serving the perfect dose of escapism. It's feminine and romantic, and much prettier than this look, but this is what I'm working with this week. It's the last little bit of my mind holding on to Winter, but Wednesday's runway shows have geared me up for the season change. Though the collections are aimed at Fall and Winter, a good handful of the flowing fabrics and cool toned florals (I'm looking at you Alberta Ferretti) are reminding of pieces in my own closet, and it's time to bring them back out.

I think I've addressed the oncoming season in every blog post over the last few weeks, but I'm actually excited for it this year. I'm shocking myself. This time last year I was being hit with the beginning of a (roughly) four or five month of severe eczema that left me stuck indoors. I'm praying that doesn't happen this year. I'm in the clear at this moment though, and I'm sitting near a sunlit window, drinking sweet tea out of a mason jar like the Texan stereotype that I am. It's pretty damn picturesque.

Anyway, this black dress was a recent purchase, and with it I officially have a basic black dress in three different lengths. I think that collection is sorted, and just in time, because now I only seem to care about pretty, whimsical pieces. On to the next one... 

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Ten Things I've Been Loving

I've missed sharing miscellaneous photos lately, so I thought I'd do so today, and try to keep the positive vibe going. I have a tendency to fall into ruts where I focus on all of the not-so-nice aspects of life lately, so I thought it would be nice to document some things I've been thoroughly enjoying. I'll look back on this the next time I fall into an aforementioned rut.

1. I've been waking up a couple mornings a week surrounded by my three dogs.
2. The plants around my home are turning green again.
3. I took a different route home the other day, and passed the house I've dreamed of living in since I was a teenager. I've been thinking about it constantly.
4. It's warm enough to go outside without shoes, which means I'm back to only wearing shoes when it's absolutely necessary. 
5. I've had the motivation to keep my toenails cute and painted red.
6. I've been spending my late nights this week reading my favorite book. It ignites the small town living love in my heart.
7. My parents' anniversary is right after Valentine's Day, and though I playfully pretend otherwise, it's nice to see how much they love each other.
8. Spring thunderstorms are rolling in, and they really breathe life into a new year. 
9. I've been listening to an excessive amount of Father John Misty again.
10. The dreamiest thing about my little space is sunlight filtering in through sheer curtains.

What are some things you've been loving lately?

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Does Anyone Else Not Sleep Well at Night?

This has been an issue literally all of my life. I have the hardest time sleeping at night, but I could easily crash in the middle of the day, even if I've managed to have a full eight hours. When I started taking an antidepressant in September of last year, I was actually able to sleep at night for a few months. Unfortunately, my body has now adjusted to the medication, and I can't sleep anymore. 

I was watching TV with my family the other evening, and there was a commercial for a "non-habbit forming" sleep medication (that I've already forgotten the name of, not helpful). I'd never considered taking medication for my sleep issues before, but when I saw this specific commercial, my first response was "I should try that." I think that means I'm at my wits end with my days lasting until five a.m. I'm willing to try something, though I don't actually know if I'll get around to it soon.

I'd much rather use something a lot more natural for my horrid sleep habits. I've tried so many things already. Do any of you have any tips? They'd be much appreciated.

I painted this over the weekend, and spent last night peaking at it and cuddling with my dog. I wish it was bigger.

Monday, February 20, 2017

(Not a) Paper Crown for a Day

The background on my laptop for February has been of a dog wearing a paper crown, and I've been envious. I couldn't actually find any paper, but I had a few spare sheets of loose canvas, and it worked just as well. This was worth the effort, and I'm going to wear it until it falls apart. Adults can totally wear craft crowns too.

After a Saturday from hell (not worth going in to), Sunday was peaceful, and served as a reminder that living in the country is wonderful. I slept in, took photos, and pulled weeds from the front yard flowerbed, which sounds laborious, but it's enjoyable to me. I'll take any excuse to work with plants. The air was cool, but not freezing, and the skies were gray, to serve as a warning of incoming storms. I could hear birds chirping, and I stumbled across a rabbit nest in the thickest part of the bed. I genuinely felt at peace with my life on Sunday. That means a lot to someone who is usually riddled with anxiety about their situation. 

I hope your week begins with something fun and dreamy as well. Wear something ridiculous. We all need that on a Monday.