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Honest Blogging: It's Not as Lucrative as You Think

This is a touchy subject, both to read and write about. We're not supposed to talk about money or frustrating things. I've debated about writing this for a year or so, but it's extremely relevant to my own life right now. The timing is just right. Also, this is not a pity party. Let's not even start with that mess.

To be blunt, blogging is not the uber-fancy, lucrative gig is can sometimes appear to be. It's just not. I'm so tired or hearing and reading quips about blogging being such an easy way to make money, lazy-way-out type of thing. It honestly makes me want to pull my own hair out.
I started blogging when I was seventeen. I started this blog when I was eighteen. My intention was never to "get rich" or anything like that. My original intention with this blog was to put myself out into the world, in order to possibly get myself into other jobs. The blog was my portfolio. It still is. Honestly, my intention is pretty much the same. However, the i…

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