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Spring Lingerie Edit

(one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight)
I took a bit of time off last week when PMS got the best of me, but I'm back, inspired, and with an actual full week of posts. I swear, there's not a lot better than when the PMS fog lifts and I can get my mind and motivation right again.
It's no secret that I've got a lingerie obsession, and I hope some of you do as well. I couldn't resist creating an edit from my current three favorite lingerie sources: For Love & Lemons, Lonely, and Madewell. I think all of these pieces are super sweet, and dreamy enough for lounging in on a Spring morning. If you owned these pieces, why would you ever bother getting dressed until the last minute?
I've become a bit exhausted with a completely basic colored lingerie collection, and I've seen the colorful light. The timing is coincidental. At least, I think it is. Obviously neutrals are still lovely to have around, but how could anyone resist a bright yellow set? You te…

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