4/21/13 (Catching Up)

oh blog. hello. i guess i unintentionally chose a horrible time to start a blog. life got weird for a minute. among many things, i’m now going to move to las vegas in a few months, instead of beverly. from vegas, i’m not sure where i’ll go, but i’ll be there for at least a year. it wasn’t exactly my favorite decision, and i’m only now getting used to the idea. the top three photos are from last weekend, and the last one contains today’s failed doodles. sometime during my impromptu blog break, i went on an small art supply binge, and i’ll actually get to mess around with some new things this week. this week should be a bit more laid back, and i intend to create more. i needed a kick in the ass and i guess i got it. 
 note: currently making a mix – songs to listen to with coffee or tea on a summer morning
1. the kooks // seaside  2. master Sultan // boys town  3. HIGHS // nomads  4. dead mellotron // weird dreams  5. the fixators // wide awake  6. the temper trap // trembling hands  7. athletics // IV  8. oh ulysses // charm  9. sucré // chemical reaction  10. strange mangers // already a blur  11. manchester orchestra // simple math  12. sucré // stampede  13. local natives // mt. washington  14. city & colour // grand optimist  15. manchester orchestra // i can feel a hot one