wow hey hello. my last day of high school ever is tomorrow. my mind has officially shut off from all of that, and i'm completely focusing on art. starting with posting some doodles. it's a step. i recently placed first in 2-d in the district art show, which was nice. i forgot to mention that before. i've got projects starting with kieryn, and plans for attending sundance in january. moving day is exactly one month from today. i'm unprepared. completely. today was a "half" day at school. graduation practice was about an hour after that, so instead of driving all the way home, a few went to an antique shop, which was nice, and i found a crystal candle holder for my mom, which she enjoyed. i don't think i've ever been so stressed and relaxed at the same time. 
1. brother's room is being repainted, romeo loves the bed in the living room
2. afternoon conversations with my mother 
3. new dress
4-5. 'wreck this journal' doodles
6-7. sketchbook doodles
8. no
9. currently