It's been a minute. This is a sad excuse for a post, but it's better than nothing. I've been really sulky lately, and I need to do things. I graduated a couple weeks ago, which was good. Everyone was emotional and I just wanted to go home and watch The Mighty Boosh. Whoops. There was a nice graduation cookout though, which I actually enjoyed quite a bit. Today I've actually accomplished a few things, and by things I mean I did laundry and dishes. Fun summer. Tomorrow is Kieryn's birthday. We're going to spend the day/night in Denton, so that should be nice, and I'll definitely have more to blog about afterwards. I'm even procrastinating with that though. I'm not even done with her gift. Moving day is next weekend, and I'm genuinely nervous. It took long enough to get there, but I've been in panic mode for the past few days, trying to figure out what to pack and take, and what to pack and stuff in a closet here. I have things I have to go buy before I go, and time is running out. Now I'm going to finish cleaning (woo~) and finish Kieryn's gift. I'll get better at this, I swear.
1-2. Butterfly we found in the front yard on Father's day. 
3. Doodles
4. I actually want to cry. What am I getting myself into?