I have to apologize for the terrible lighting in these photos. I'm the worst blogger. I never even intended on updating today, but Nicole inspired me. I really had no intention on updating due to my disenchanted outlook on pretty much everything lately. I won't go on about it. Long story short, Las Vegas is not for me, like I knew it wouldn't be. I'm just waiting for the time to pass, and I can move somewhere else. I'm a self titled world traveler and this is my first stop. I moved in with my grandparents almost a week and a half ago. It's okay. I like the kitchen. The dogs don't like me much, but they're cool, but I really miss my own. I'm very homesick. There I go again. I'm trying to immerse myself into projects and creating things as much as I can. I've been fairly productive, considering. Right now, I'm working on two care packages. The coffee is too weak, but I can't bring myself to throw it out and make tea instead. I've been stubborn about everything so far. I've applied to three jobs, one of which I wanted so badly, but I haven't heard anything in a few days, so I've given up hope. It seems that with many places in this town, you have to have "the look" in order to be considered for a position, which is bullshit, but that's life. Again, bullshit. So I'll keep looking. I've finalized two tattoo ideas, and I'm discussing a third with Nicole as I type. I could go on a whole spiel about that, but there's really no reason. This is a rambled mess. Wow.
1. I've set myself up on the floor. Why?
2. 1/3 - Betsy Ross
3. Top Secret
4. Naboo sticker from Kieryn
5. Love the kitchen...
6. ... hate the coffee maker. 
7. sigh
8. x2