I think I'm sick. I've been sleeping too much. This week flew by, and I think I spent most of it in bed. That ends now. I met a friend of my grandparents, and he got a kick out of my "Texan drawl." I never notice it, so I think it's funny when someone brings it up. I dyed my hair three times this week, trying to bring the blonde back. It's worked a little bit, but not completely. I overheard two elderly men speaking in loudly in French, and I've taken up watching Antiques Roadshow and Sons of Anarchy. I had a really good conversation with Nicole that really helped to pull me out of the slump I've been in for the past six(ish) months. I'm inspired, encouraged, and determined now. I can't stop thinking about living in Massachusetts, and traveling to Alaska. I hope this attitude stays forever.
1-3. Some of this week's doodles. // 4-6. I probably need to spend less time in this room.