This week has flown by so quickly. I didn't even realize until this afternoon that tomorrow is Friday. Tomorrow is in less than two hours. Ugh. I've spent the week sulking about being homesick, and trying to get over it and apply to jobs. I'm not having the best luck. I've been job searching for almost a month now. I'm going to apply at Pier 1 tomorrow. I really need a job. The real world sucks sometimes. Yesterday I had a wild hair, and took out my nose ring out of curiosity. Bad idea. I couldn't get the ring back in, and the hole is infected. So, bye bye nose ring. Tomorrow I'm going to run errands, and try to find dye to fix my hair and get it closer to my natural color, so I can go awhile without having to worry about it. It's grown so much in the past month, and the current color with ash blonde new-growth looks horrible. So, my nose ring is gone and I'm dying my hair lighter. My mother is going to be thrilled. That's just life right now. 

1-2. It was actually nice earlier this week. 
3. My favorite (discontinued) nail polish is almost gone.
4. Pumpkin scented wax for my candle warmer. 
5-6. Recent antique store find.