What to say... Today was off. It's ridiculously hot inside, and slightly cool outside. It's supposed to rain for the next couple of days, and I'm pretty happy about it... Still job hunting. Still figuring out what I'm doing next. I have an idea, if it works out.  I've dyed my hair black to match my seemingly permanent state of mind. I've been weighing the pros and cons of decisions I've made throughout the year so far. I can't decide if my decisions have been good or not. Probably good for practical reasons, and horrible for selfish reasons. I'm told I should be selfish with my life decisions, and I'm told I should be responsible and think like an adult. (I'm told I'm not an adult, and I'm told I am an adult.) I can't figure out how to be selfish and responsible at the same time. Actually, I can, but that's another topic to ramble and complain about. I need a job, I need to leave Las Vegas, I need to either go back to Texas, or far northeast. I need a lot of things. Doesn't that make me selfish?