I've seriously missed being productive. I've gotten back into my old habits, and I'm feeling way more comfortable already. Still job hunting though. That's still stressful. Today I actually woke up in the morning, jumped in the shower, and went to a salon with wet, not brushed hair, while my grandmother got her own hair done. They thought I was waiting for my turn. Whoops. I was too busy freaking out in public about the Novogratzs' replying to my semi-joke tweet. I'll never get over it. Anyway, afterwards we went to a couple stores, and walked around. I enjoyed being active in the morning, while my grandmother enjoyed her haircut. We went home, I took an hour long nap, and then made pizza crust (from scratch, thank you very much) and brownies, and proceeded to spend the rest of the night editing photos and fixing up doodles to post on this blog. I'm almost done with a third, but it's specifically for a different post. The top two are just the only completed ones I have at the moment. I'm currently taking a break, and sitting on a pile of clean laundry that I should really put away. It might've been sitting here for awhile. I'm also a terrible friend, because it took me three hours to reply to Nicole. I'm sorry, I hope you understand.