Well. I never intended to abandon this blog for two weeks. I had an unexpected week from hell, and I've been playing catch up with art and sleep. I'm still playing catch up actually, but I really wanted to post some sketchbook details. I really don't understand why blogger is making the background gray and not white, but I'll figure it out later. Today, I slept in, had to go to the grocery store so my grandmother could jump the car that died in the parking lot, and watched hockey while working on things. I don't even understand where my life has gone. It's almost 11 at night, and I feel like I've accomplished nothing. Tomorrow, I'll help my grandmother take her dogs to the groomer, and hopefully make progress with everything I'm trying to work on. I've started to plan my next step in life, and I'm torn. Unless anything changes, I'll be in Las Vegas for six more months. I should really try and make the most of it. This post sucks. I'm tired.