Hello November. I'm a bad blogger. Anyway. Life is weird. Who knew? And I'm stubborn. Again, who knew? I had to sulk for awhile until I could handle getting things straight myself. The last few days have been pretty nice though. I learned that walking through an outdoor nursery on a cool day is therapeutic, tending to plants as well. I also learned that I really need to start taking my camera out with me again. I finally bought three new succulent children after my last cactus died. I spent some time alone, replanting them together and arranging rocks. It's a really nice way to take a break. I've been going with my grandmother to run errands (almost) every day, if only for an excuse to leave the house. Obviously that means I've still been unsuccessful in my job hunting. Today, I woke up early after the best dream ever, had a good breakfast, sat outside in the cold, and spent the rest of the day sorting and shredding documents while listening to The Saturdays, and I really enjoyed myself. I don't know what this means about my personality, but I had a good day, so I really don't care.
ooooh rushed photos, effort, oh-ho
p.s. That snow globe is definitely staying out year round.