Favorites 1.31.14


Photo A Day . 27/365 - 29/365

27/365 - 1.29.14
I forgot to take a photo earlier in the day, so this was taken pretty late. Night doodling is the best.

Photo A Day . 26/365

Trying to find something to wear is hard. I didn't even wear this today.

1.27.14 // Hair Problems

Photo A Day . 25/365

I've been working on things. I really hope this mental block is gone for good. 


Photo A Day . 24/365


I'm currently sitting on the floor, with pens and paint everywhere. The block over my mind seems to be gone, and I'm working on illustration things again, to the soundtrack of Band of Horses, and the traffic outside.

Photo A Day . 23/365

I went to the Valley of Fire State Park. I recommend everyone go in January. The weather is perfect, and you should definitely climb everything you can get to. I'll post more photos tomorrow, when I can focus better. 

Photo A Day . 20/365

There's a good chance I feel horrible today, and I haven't bothered with anything other than this shirt.

Photo A Day . 15/365

So, I was in front of the window, listening to The Kills and taking photos, when my neighbor shows up and decides to blast Kelly Clarkson for half an hour. This was my face. I could see the guy across the street with the same expression.

Favorites 1.17.14


Photo A Day . 14/365

I've been working on blog details, whilst battling a cold. The usual. 
I just figured out that I bought the wrong kind of remote for my camera, so now I'm going about the struggle of finding the right one. I've been working from my bed most of the day. 


Photo A Day . 11/365 - 13/365

11/365 - 1.13.14
I painted my nails for the first time in a couple months. It's nice.

Photo A Day . 9/365 - 10/365

9/365 - 1.11.14
My plants are taking so much water all of a sudden. Weird.

Currently // 1.10.14

Photo A Day . 4/365 - 8/365

4/365 - 1.6.14
I spent the day and night doodling and listening to Lou Doillon.

Photo A Day . 3/365

This isn't a new photo, but I'm really homesick, and I can't wait to have this view back in April. 

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