Currently // 1.10.14


Reading: George R. R, Martin's A Game of Thrones and Marilyn Manson's The Long Hard Road Out of Hell

Doing: My grandmother is in Texas, so I've been taking care of my grandfather and their three dogs. I can barely take care of myself, so it's a bit stressful. One of the dogs refuses to let me be alone, and if I leave him downstairs, he barks and whines until I go down and get him. He's currently on the bed next to me while I type this and listen to the greatest Spotify playlist. 

Feeling Thankful: It's been mentioned on this blog before (I'm pretty sure) that I finally have a date to move to Texas. I'm thankful that my parents are so willing to help me out with this, and that they willingly put up with my rambling about having to start over again. 

Watching: I'm on the third season of Game of Thrones, and I'll start Vikings afterwards. I've been falling asleep to Would I Lie To You and the Late Late Show (Craig Ferguson is the best). If we want to get really personal, I'm watching the world move on while I wait to leave this place. It's a long story. 

Working On: Trying to figure out my plans for this year is really difficult. I've been having arguments with family members who want me to go to college, and won't let themselves listen when I try to explain my lack of tuition money. Moving back to a small town is going to be hard, but I know the area better. I'm trying to figure out what to do about my lack of transportation. And then there's the usual art business, and trying to better my quality of life. I'm trying to appreciate things more, and slow down. Trying to get ahead too quickly has gotten me nowhere. 

Loving: This Spotify playlist, seriously.