Photo A Day . 1/365

So, it's after 8 pm, and I thought of this idea a few minutes ago. I'm going to take a photo each day. I won't promise to upload them every day, because I know for a fact that I'll have days I won't be able to. I probably should've started this on the first, but hey, better late than never? 

I will be leaving Las Vegas on April 12. I've been pretty excited about it, and I've already packed a bag of things that I don't use. Yesterday, I realized that I probably don't even need to keep most of those things, and I might as well get rid of them. Apparently I'll spend some time tonight going through the suitcase and the rest of my belongings. I don't want to keep anything that isn't necessary. Note that at least half of my belongings are art supplies, so I'm not really getting rid of that much.