Photo A Day . 4/365 - 8/365

4/365 - 1.6.14
I spent the day and night doodling and listening to Lou Doillon.

5/365 - 1.7.14
I ran out of wax cubes for my candle warmer, so I started hacking up a spare candle.

6/365 - 1.8.14
My aloe was looking weird, so I spent some time trying to baby it. I'm thinking about getting a bigger one when I move back to Texas. 

7/365 - 1.9.14
I was up too early to take my grandmother to the airport. She'll be back on Sunday, and I can't wait. I'm not fit to take care of a household. 

8/365 - 1.10.14
bedroom decor details
taking in all homeless branches