Photo A Day . 55/365 - 56/365

AKA things around my bedroom. 

I didn't sleep much this day, and I spent most of it filming. I was taking a break when I took this. 

Photo A Day . 54/365

I actually managed to stay busy all day. I've been to two different nurseries, and Lowe's. Apparently a massive splinter is what you get after potting eight plants, and planting a ninth in the ground (which was a massive pain to dig up, might I add). Worth it though. I'm going to spend the rest of the night planning out this week's film challenge. 

Excuse my old lady hands. 

Photo A Day . 44/365 - 45/365

Glasses for the kitchen I don't have.

Photo A Day . 42/365 - 43/365

It's that time of year already here. 

Photo A Day . 37/365 - 41/365

I went through my summer clothes and sent dumb pictures to Kieryn to prepare her. We're going to have a great summer.

Favorites 2.7.14


Photo A Day . 36/365

Moving for me means packing half of my things two months early. 

Photo A Day . 32/365 - 34/365

Laundry day. I really need a drying rack, but the shower curtain-rod will do. 

Photo A Day . 31/365

I just realized that I didn't take a photo for today. I've been distracted, and extremely homesick. I just want to cuddle with this thing right now. I just really miss my dogs. 

Photo A Day . 30/365

This is insane. Five pairs of ripped tights. They've been floating with me from Texas to Nevada, and I'm finally throwing them out. 

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