Okay. Well. I feel like I need to explain myself. Last week, I was thinking about how my parents have a pool, and I'll actually be able to use it this summer. I then realized how close summer is (especially in Las Vegas, it's practically Spring already), and I panicked. I usually hate summer. Then I got to thinking, and I pretty much dismissed the idea of hating my body. It is what it is. I'm going to wear shorts and swimsuits, and the world won't end. 

Anyway, today was nice. I went to an antique show (over-hyped and v. stressful) and an antique mall (not stressful and so many nice things). Casinos here give away free things to locals, and my grandparents both ended up with a set of four mason jars, so now I have eight, and I don't have to buy glasses in the future. Thanks guys. ♥ 

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