Photo A Day . 80/365 - 83/365

There are more new plants in the backyard jungle.

Photo A Day . 78/365 - 79/365

I forgot to take a photo this day, but here is a screenshot from a vlog for Kieryn (that I haven't actually put together yet whoops).

Photo A Day . 74/365

This cold literally kept me up all night. I have no energy at all. I need copious amounts of coffee, this playlist, and maybe some movies later? And a nap. That too. I'm going to allow myself to be lazy today (and listen to Robyn a lot), and regularly scheduled blogging will resume tomorrow. 

Photo A Day . 68/365 - 69/365

What was this day? I don't remember anything, save for a few doodles. Here's a thing I did. Half self portrait, half dumb drawings. I had fun though. 

Photo A Day . 66/365 - 67/365

I was sick this day, and didn't really leave bed, so here's a photo from a really nice morning.

Photo A Day . 65/365

I left the house briefly before I became too sick to function. I am falling apart. 

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