Currently // 3.6.14


Reading: The A Song of Fire and Ice series has been put on hold, because I was sent books from Kieryn, the angel she is, and I've been using my grandmother's library card while I'm still here. I'm currently reading Paint It Black by Janet Fitch and a Heath Ledger biography. I've also been reading blogs a lot more since the last time I did one of these posts. 

Doing: I've already packed half of my things for my move back to Texas next month. I can't believe it's already next month. Weird. Kieryn and I are working on future film and photo projects, and I'm really excited to see her and start working on these things next month. Soulmate/collaborator/filmpartner. I've been working in my grandparents' backyard a lot lately. Tomorrow I've got to dig up two plants and replace them with new ones. I've been working on vlogs for Kieryn, and weekly film challenges, both of which I'll start uploading on this blog, so that's exciting. Um, I've got a gross cold, so falling apart is another thing I'm doing. 

Feeling Thankful: That my grandparents are getting through everything. That my grandfather is okay after all the medical problems he's had just since I've been in Vegas. That my parents exist and are my parents. For Kieryn and Nicole, because I'm a really bad friend, but they put up with it. I get to see my dogs next month, and I'm so happy about it.

Watching: I'm finally caught up on Game of Thrones, and UGH. I'm starting Portlandia tonight, and I hope I like it. I also want to watch Vikings. I've got a list of (probably more than) fifty movies to watch. My Youtube subscriptions keep increasing weekly. I've been watching Fashion Month videos, but that's over now. 

Working On: Like I mentioned above, Kieryn and I are planning projects, and I've been doing my own. I'm still working on making this blog something to be proud of. I'm still going through a dry spell with painting and drawing. I started a painting for a film project, and it's still sitting (half finished) against the wall. I don't know what to do. When I get back to Texas, I'll be working on getting a job and redecorating my room. I also want to re-pot my plants, and coordinate all the pots. 

Loving: My plants, old and new. Lucius.