April '14 Wishlists

I am seriously obsessed with these. I want to expand beyond jeans in my wardrobe, and I think these are the perfect print, without being too much. 

It's been awhile since I bought a checked shirt. I miss the versatility, and I really want to add some neutral / light color check to my closet

These are just really fun. I admittedly did not like them for awhile, but they've grown on me, and I really want my own pair. 

I am guilty of sticking to one bag until it's dead. If I were to change that habbit, I'd want something like this for Spring. 

It's not a secret that I love a good leather (or faux-leather) jacket. 

I'm pretty loyal to my (cheap) aviator glasses, but if I were to switch it up, I'd love these. They'd be great for nicer occasions. 

I don't own a sweater this color, and I'm a little obsessed. 

As I mentioned above, I want to stray from jeans a bit. These would fit very well with my usual monochromatic look. 

This is gorgeous! It's impossible not to be in love with this. 

I was once a faithful loafer enthusiast. I've strayed to boots over the last year, but I still covet a good slipper. If I owned these beauties, I'd probably end up wearing them every day, so maybe it's good that they're way out of my price range. However, they do remind me to bust out my own slippers more often...