Currently // 4.5.14

This mirror is v. old, and I have no clue what the black marks are.


Reading: I'm back to finishing up A Game of Thrones, and I've got The Book of English Magic ready to go for the trip next weekend. Apparently I'm now following 207 blogs? I don't think that's right, but there are usually a lot of posts to read every day, so I'm not sure. 

Doing: A lot of packing and re-packing. I don't know where all these breakable things came from. I'm pretty stressed out about it actually. The quality of my photos is stressing me out as well. Actually, I'm just stressed in general. But I am excited to see my dogs and Kieryn, and commit to the chop.

Watching: The regular season of hockey is almost over, and I'm pumped about how well my teams are doing. I've started Girls, and I'm pretty into it. Game of Thrones is back tomorrow, and I'm thrilled. 

Working On: I've got my blog posts planned out through the 22 of this month, and I'm working on planning beyond that. I've found that blogging is kind of a full time gig, but I'm loving it. Kieryn and I had a long overdue Skype session the other night, and came together on two different projects that are going to be a pretty big deal. All good things to come.

Loving: The clouds that have managed to stick around for the last few days.