I'm Inspired By An Art Gallery & I Talk About Myself A Lot

Yesterday was full of self awareness. Yeah. I went to a gallery, that was probably the smallest I've been in yet, but it was glorious. Hardwood floors, and wooden ceiling finishings, white walls, and the most amazing 19th century, very early 20th century paintings in ornate gold frames (AKA what my dream home looks like). Some were almost floor to ceiling in length, and they were all full of so much detail. I'm still in awe. I've figured out that going to galleries that inspire you is really important. It's like I remember now why I love art so much and why I do it. I'm also really inspired to bust out my oil paints again. I struggle so much with those. I've only ever done one piece that I liked, but I want to give it another go. I feel so in love with art right now. 

The theme was painting women, and most of the artists were female. The few male artists were inspired by / married to other female artists that were featured (in one corner, there was one painting by a female artist, and the other painting next to it was by her husband, who had painted her ((his wife / the other artist)). I hope that makes sense, but I thought it was beautiful in a really romantic way). I feel so empowered to be a female artist right now. This is great. Kieryn and I need to go on art crawls as much as we can. 

The paintings also made me decide that I only want to wear flowing dresses and tops as much as possible. I have a dress that had a chiffon like length, and I never wore it because I never thought it was appropriate, but I'm going to wear it as much as possible now. I want to embody femininity. (Watching Marie Antoinette earlier in the morning also encouraged this.) 

A handful of the women did self portraits, and they had such a strong presence, that I feel like I deserve to have so much confidence in myself, that it shows through any art I create, even if I am feeling insecure at the time. It's all progress. 

I also got to hang out in the Bellagio conservatory again, and I still love it a lot. I want a greenhouse. 

Oh, and I discovered that I love green juice. I'm one of those people now. I bought it on a whim, and I'm in looooove

Also, I made the spontaneous decision to forgo my bag and carry a clutch, in other words I left my camera behind for once. I risked the phone photos, and I was honestly very pleasantly surprised. I have a bit more faith in my phone now.