Packing Tips

Now, I am by no means an expert on packing, nor would I ever claim to be. Are packing experts even a thing? Anyway, I've really only packed up my things twice, but both times were within the last year, so here are some tips I've picked up on:

I. Rolling your clothes actually does help. I've known this, and I decided to skip that step whilst packing last week, and I had to take everything out and start over. Just do it right the first time. 

II. Use your clothes to protect breakables. When I was packing last summer, my parents had a newspaper subscription, so naturally I used that to wrap my breakables. This time around, no one has a newspaper subscription, so I've substituted with clothes instead. If anything, pajamas and old t-shirts work just as well. 

III. Take advantage of all empty spaces. I bought a set of plastic drawers right after moving to Vegas, because there was no dresser at the time. Obviously there is now, but the plastic drawers also perfect for storing art supplies. However, when I packed said art supplies, I was left with empty drawer space, which I promptly filled with books, clothes, and other miscellaneous things. Just don't fill it so much that you can't carry it. 

IV. If you have small plants, stick them together. My larger planter will be just fine on it's own. However, I didn't want to have to deal with / worry about the two smaller pots sliding around on the road. You can improvise as you like, but as an example, I placed the two pots in an empty shoe box, and used grocery store ads to act as padding to keep everything still and secure.