Tips For Down Days

Down days are a thing that happens, and it's annoying. I can go on and on. Whatever your reason may be, here are a few things to think about / do to power through like the warrior you are. 

I. Do you have a pet? Go spend time with your pet.

II. Find something that makes you laugh. Try to laugh more than you sulk.

III. Eat healthy. It's such a typical thing to say, and eating junk is fine if you really want it, but trust me, if you rarely eat junk, you won't even want it as much. I always feel a bit proud when I realize that I've gone (insert period of time here) without eating a bunch of crap. Plus, you probably won't feel as bogged down.

IV. If you're having body issues, remember that your body is perfect because it's yours. You're awesome. Look at all the things you like about yourself. Strip to your underwear (or naked if you prefer), and just study yourself. Draw yourself. You'll learn to love yourself; it will get easier.

V. Wear whatever makes you feel confident. Style is just an opinion, and you should develop your own. Feeling confident rules over sticking to a trend, or feeling like you have to wear something. Hair is included too. Get the haircut/color you want. All of this kind of goes along with point IV.

VI. Spring cleaning is purifying. Personally, I'm kind of a neat freak, and organizing is a favored pastime of mine. Trust me, you'll feel free when you get rid of the unnecessary junk sitting around your house / bedroom. Go through files, closets, purses, etc.

VII. Stay away from toxic people. Really, what's the benefit?

VIII. Treat yourself every once in awhile. I'm pretty tight with my money, and some of you may be too, but it won't hurt to buy yourself a little something. You work for it, treat yourself like royalty.