Currently // 5.24.14


Reading: I actually haven't been reading very many books lately. I'm still working my way through the A Song of Fire and Ice series, and I've been reading a lot of history blogs. 

Doing: I've started working with more color in my doodles. I got some markers that I'm still not that great with, and I got more watercolor paper (I've been out of it for roughly two months). I've got a possible temp job, and the pool is ready to go for the next few months. I've been coming up with more ideas for art things that are making me really excited. It's all a progression. 

Watching: I'm six episodes behind on Game of Thrones because I suck. I was actually watching hockey instead, but that's a sensitive topic. I watched the movie Merlin for the first time a couple weeks ago, and I'm obsessed with it. It's a two part thing, and my mom caught the end of the second part, and she thinks it's horrible. I think it's so bad a cheesy, it's perfect. It's up there in my favorites. I have another new favorite film that I don't even want to talk about, because I want to keep it / my love for it locked up. I'm obsessed though. Secrets.

Loving: I had (almost) a week of good sleep. Like, waking up and not wanting to leave my bed, already in a good mood and didn't even have to sleep ten hours. It was nice.