June 5, 2014

This is a fairly dimly lit post. Whoops. It was later in the evening. Kieryn and I spent some time together at a nursery, around some books, and walking around my neighborhood. I between the second a third, we were lazy and lying around my bedroom talking about Nicole's perfect music taste and travel plans. She wants to go to New York, and I was thinking about plans that Nicole and I made to go to Alaska. Obviously I had to show Kieryn why I have such a strong urge to visit, and I think I convinced her. 

This train of thoughts also led to being pretty bummed out about how little Nicole and I talk anymore. This needs to change, though she's much busier than I am these days. I've been thinking about past plans and ideas, and it's been a bit of sad nostalgia.

I need to make an effort to talk to the two friends I have more. I have a habit of locking myself away in my house, and having little to no interaction with anyone.