Photo A Day . 144/365 - 158/365

Typical summer holiday. I woke up late (ugh), Dad grilled burgers, we all ~splashed around~ in the pool (I spent too much time trying to stay on a float and flipping upside down), and we ended with Monument's Men (V V GOOD).

Do you ever have days where you feel like you're in some kind of circus side show? This day was weird. One of the dogs woke me up by howling, instead of scratching on the door like she usually does. It stormed a lot over night (I was awake), and the power went out this morning, when all the storms were gone. Little things like that kept happening, and I felt really uncomfortable. Anyway, the photo is an outtake. I had intended to work out and then go swimming, but I felt ill, and it wasn't warm enough outside, so I took photos instead. (Excuses)

Photos and dumb.

I took a lot of photos today, whilst catching up on the Radio 1 Breakfast Show. This was followed up with an Ovation movie marathon and a couple hours of editing. Done and done.

I hate you. (No I don't.) 
This thing kills me. (I'm really out of shape.)

Today included sudden inspiration doodles, catching up on Game of Thrones, and giving up on cleaning the pool, so I didn't swim. 

Crummy phone selfie of Belle and I. I spent the day outside / in the pool. V good Sunday.

This day involved snacking on apples and pomegranate lemonade, cleaning, watching 1/3 of a rococo documentary. This internet went out the night before, which is stressful with a blog.

I did a separate post for this day here. However, I left out the soda that had exploded all over the refrigerator. Fun to clean. I don't even drink soda so gross. (It wasn't really a hassle.)

Hello internet! Back in business today. Setting everything up was easy. I took the morning to be lazy, and ate some fruit. The evening was spent cleaning up some things and catching up on blog work. 

There is another post for this day here

This was a long day. Not necessarily in a bad way; just long. I had a late night followed by an early morning, then left early in the afternoon for East Texas for a high school graduation. I didn't sleep much overnight, and I don't know how I can function on a daily basis.

Leggings all day, every day. Face scrub is good.


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