Photo A Day . 159/365 - 166/365

I had planned a day full of photo taking, but was left with only three hours after I overslept about four hours. I was still semi-productive though. Also, this was the last day I wore that foundation, because clearly it wasn't helping my skin at all.

I have overalls now. What of it? Anyway, I woke up late again today, and I couldn't decide on what I wanted to do. Blogging, following museums on twitter, tomato basil soup, and art happened. 

How many is too many? Stayed up all night doodling, listening to Taking Back Sunday, and thinking up ideas for a thing. Watched a storm roll in at 5:30 am. The norm. 

I was up all night again. So. I thought I'd actually eat breakfast, so egg whites and an apple. So much coffee. I really need to get some almond milk because I've been wanting cereal. None of this is interesting. Anyway, YouTube catch up, DVR catch up, and the Kings won, which made me happy because the Rangers didn't. I've finished part of a thing I post in two weeks (from this day), and I'll finish it next weekend. I can't remember if it's been mentioned, but I have a temp job next week to make some $$$ until I can actually look for a full time job in August. I'll still have posts out every day though. Priorities. It's taken care of. 

I'm rambling, but a blog I used to love reading has started updating regularly again, and I love reading minuscule details about someone's day, mood, etc. I'm nosy by nature. What do you prefer: details or none?

My biggest fans. Bye.
For this day's post, I decided to photograph bits of my day. This always seems like a good idea, until I remember that I spend an excessive amount of time alone, and I don't even live in my own place, so I have to work around people (not a complaint, just a fact). You can see that here.

favorite color on the toes

Sleepy after work webcam selfie. Today was the first day of a week-long temp job. I just want to praise every blogger who has a seperate job, and I envy everyone who blogs alone for their living. I am writing this on the sticky notes app on my computer after work today, and I am exhausted. I've been on my feet all day, making copies, organizing, filing, answering phones. It's kind of a nightmare, but I get paid, so I win. It would be better if I was only dead because of work, but I've been doing housework for the last hour and a half. Booo adult things. I am sleeping so much next week.

Temp job day II: walked away with two paper cuts. The hoodie went on instantly after work.