Currently // 7.18.14

Late Night Blogging because it's late.
+ I was busy.


Reading: I'm still on the ASOIAF series, and I just bought a book about the history of Vikings. I really like history, and that's not a thing I've really mentioned here, but in person, it's quickly obvious that I'm obsessed. Whoops. I've also been getting back into Greek Mythology.

Doing: I've become so focused on photos, and I'm really enjoying it. My camera has become my life. I've also got a couple ideas for illustrative things I do, and I've been playing around with acrylic paint again. I've got an office set up, and an actual daily routine. I'm working to get things done, and I'm a girl on a mission. I have no social life, which is a bummer sometimes, but I've learned to be on my own. This next week might be a challenge, but it's all good. At least I have my dogs.

Watching: I've got two episodes left of Game of Thrones, and then I might start Vikings. I still need to catch up on Sons of Anarchy (I'm on season two). I've already asked for the The Cosby Show box set for Christmas (I made a deal with my dad about his gift. It was funny, but I was serious.), and my film watch list is a mile long. 

Loving: My dogs are so sweet, and I go on about them all the time. Thursday was unseasonably cool, and I spent time outside. I'm trying to create an atmosphere for myself every day, though it's quite difficult sometimes. You've got to adjust I suppose.

*I tried doing cool makeup a couple weeks ago. Nope.