Film Suggestions I

You guys might have heard of all of these, or at least some of them. Up until about two years ago, I had zero attention span when it came to watching films. I still struggle a bit, but I've been loving catching up on them, and I thought I'd leave a few here every once in awhile. 
  1. Melancholia - Two sisters and a mystery planet, Lars von Trier, Kirsten Dunst, Charlotte Gainsbourg, AKA all good things. This movie will probably wreck your soul. It took me two different days to watch this because I couldn't handle the emotion. However, it's still one of my two favorite films. So good, even if I haven't brought myself to watch it again.
  2. Submarine - Kieryn recommended watching the movie (I did, and enjoyed it v much), and then told me about the book, which I've since borrowed from her and read. Both are good. Look into both. Also Richard Ayoade. Aesthetics. 
  3. Dead Poet's Society - Everyone's seen this, right? IT'S SO PERFECT. Best ever. Aesthetics and a good story and flawless. 
Guess I'm not so good at describing them. Well. I sound pretentious but I honestly don't know that much about anything. 

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