+ My makeup issues and why I rarely wear a full face these days.

First off, I look like a Tim Burton character. Sort of. It's not a bad thing, but not exactly the best either.

I have a lot of stress where makeup is concerned. This is why I would never consider beauty blogging. I used to wear tons on my face, daily. I couldn't leave the house without it. However, I've been bothering with less and less over the last year.
  • Foundation doesn't do great things for my skin. I've battled with rough skin for the longest time. It's whatever, it's normal, whatever. As you can see in the close up, my current mineral foundation really just accentuates my problems. I can't be bothered with liquid foundation either (see next point). I've taken to wearing tinted moisturizer alone, and I look a little bit more alive (which sadly took some getting used to). 
  • Liquid foundation, concealer, etc itch. I mean seriously. It took years to figure this out actually. I can't handle it though, I have to tap (not scratch, I'm never in the mood to reapply) my face every thirty seconds. No.
  • Eye bags for days. I've accepted them as a part of my aesthetic. But I mean, really dude, it's annoying when I try to cover them up and it never actually works. Embrace the eye bags.
  • It's been so long, I've forgotten what I'm doing. Okay, so it's only been roughly a year, but have you ever heard of "use it or lose it?" That's a real thing. I was really good at eye shadow and eyeliner once, but um...
  • What's contouring? I still have my baby chubby cheeks (though they're finally going away !!!), and any attempt at contouring looks incredibly silly. Again, no. 
So now that you're read my complaints... why? I stick to a very simple five item routine, and it works. Why is this post titled "FOTD I?" I'm going to try to work on different makeup looks that work for my weird face, and I'll keep my progress updated here. Because I'm a blogger. This is what I do.

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