Hair Care Confessions

Things that probably won't sit well with a hair professional.

Okay, so I washed my hair two days ago, and I was too busy yesterday. One of the first things said to me this morning was "Wow, your hair looks really dirty!" To which I replied with a quick "thanks," and promptly went to look in a mirror. It looked no different than yesterday. So of course I washed my hair this morning. My point is that I am a faithful everyday hair washer. My mane is very fine and very oily. I can't do the only wash every few days or your hair will fall out thing. However, I used to have a friend who washed her hair roughly every four days, and you could never tell! She mentioned it a few months into knowing each other, and I was mind blown.

When I was in middle/high school, I didn't really condition my hair at all. Again, conditioner made my hair a stringy mess. When I was 17, I started a routine of conditioning first, and then shampooing, which worked great until I bleached the hell out of my hair last November. From then until the chop, I used a lot of conditioner in the shower, and discovered deep conditioning treatments and leave-in conditioner. Since the chop, I've found a really great conditioner, and I stick to using it on the length only. I was also told to rinse conditioner with cold water, which is turning out nicely. I probably won't enjoy it as much in the colder months, but I digress.

This gets me in so much trouble with everyone. I rarely brush my hair, especially when it's this short. Brushing distributes oil, which makes my hair a stringy mess within a few hours. That was a huge problem when I was a kid. Now, I pretty much just stick to brushing before each wash. Sorry guys.

I never use hair oils, heat protector, or anything else along those lines. You understand at this point. However, I've gotten a lot better at keeping the flat iron and curler away as much as possible. So that's good?...

Basically, no one really knows your hair the way you do, right?