July 4, 2014

I've done a colorful post for once.

This could almost count as late night blogging, because it's 12:22 am. It's not even July 4 anymore.

My parents and I have sort of developed a routine/tradition with the Fourth over the last 4/5 years. Sometimes others join us, sometimes no one does (like this year, for example). We lounge around outside (the pool was introduced last year), Dad grills something (kebabs this year), and we end up cracking an obnoxious amount of glow sticks. This year we made dog collars, bracelets, and threw some in the pool. Previous years have seen glow sticks cut open, and the backyard looking like the result of some kind of radioactive mishap. 

Now, I live in the country. I mean really, last time Kieryn came over she was stuck behind a guy driving his tractor around. I live in the country. Behind my neighborhood is open land and the highway, and every year since I've lived here (eight, with the exception of nine months in Vegas), fireworks beyond the field were visable from every angle. Not so much this year. That last photo is about all I saw, and the first photo is from TV (obviously, my photos aren't that poor quality).

Maybe next year I'll actually have plans.