My Color Palette

So, a couple days ago I saw this post by The Private Life Of A Girl (v nice blog) about creating a color palette, and I was inspired. I've sort of unknowingly created my own color palette, though it's very monochromatic. Any time I think I need to add some color, I end up buying something blue, or a very muted shade of purple/pink/green. I'm very bad with color. We don't get along. That blue button down is as bold as it gets, and even that scares me a little. There's nothing wrong with this though, and as Sophie says, I feel good about every item I own. There's not anything that sits in my closet because I've splurged and won't ever actually wear the item. 

I'm basically using the aforementioned post to justify/explain my own clothing habits. Again, check out this post, it's very interesting/informative. 

Do any of you have a color palette within your wardrobe?

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