My Favorite Part of Summer // LNB

This is another "Late Night Blogging" rambling mess. I'm warning you now.

Summer and I rarely get along, but I have a soft spot for late nights and early mornings. (Guess which photo is when.)

Summer is still cool though, right? I mean, okay, it's not my favorite, but I've been working on connecting it to happier memories, or at least momentuous things in my life. Two summers ago, Nicole and I really reconnected, and spent a lot of late nights talking about going to Montserrat, and traveling to Alaska. I spent a lot of my awake time at night and early in the morning, and nice music would be on with coffee and watching the early morning outside. That's my favorite summer thus far. 

Last summer I moved to Las Vegas. That was incredibly stressful, and it wasn't the best time of my life, but it's something I can say I've done. It's just another chapter, ya know? I do still prefer to think of Summer 2012 though. The best. I also went to Warped Tour that summer. Just remembered that, but yeah, it was pretty great too.

This summer I'm back in Texas, and things are kind of in a weird place, but my life is changing, and it happens. I'm spending a lot of time on this blog, which makes me happy, and Kieryn and I are spending more time together, which also makes me happy. I'm almost 20 and I have a new found appreciation for small things in my life. It's soon to be the end of another chapter, and maybe that's what summer actually is to me. 

Anyway, I'll be back with things that make more sense tomorrow.