Embrace Your Own Details

I thought this was such a great idea and I'm having second thoughts already. 

Actually, no. I'm not. This is important. 

I've hated my body my entire life, and even over the last year that I've become more comfortable, I've still been afraid of some details. To name a few, I've got cellulite in my thighs* and chubby arms, but I've been working out to gain more definition. I've got crooked fingers and stretchmarks all over my hips, and that's not going to change. I suddenly had this revelation that none of this matters. You have "odd" details? Let people see them. Don't cover yourself up if you don't want to. Live it up, because there's nothing wrong with these (and other) minor details. They make you you. Photograph things you thought you didn't like about yourself, and realize how cool they actually are. 

 * I didn't actually get a photo of cellulite for this post, but it's visible in previous outfits posts. (like this)

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