Independent Radio

Independent Radio is fairly new to me (within the last few years at least). I'm kind of obsessed. It's so cool, and so much easier to listen to. Just think; eclectic taste, variety, no ads, and it feels like a club of sorts. Everything is funded by the listeners, which makes it even better. They're great for finding new music as well.

I've got to mention KXT first, because this is what started it all. My art teacher from high school would play this station during class, and it was the high point of my day. It's the closest local station that I know of, and Kieryn plays it in her car when she drives me around because I'm a bum. It's good, check it out, associate positive vibes.

My other favorite is KEXP, which I'm actually listening to as I type this. I found their YouTube channel in high school while looking for songs for a mix, and was hooked without ever actually listening to the radio station. When I was living in Vegas, I wanted a bit of home, so while looking for KXT, I came across KEXP instead. Best accidental find. Check it out.
(listen here)

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