Rambling Again // L N B

I haven't been writing much over here, so I thought I'd ramble a bit.

The last couple of weeks have been weird. And I don't really know where I am in life, but that's okay. And to anyone else who doesn't quite know what they're doing, it's okay. This whole adult thing is a mess. I can definitely say I can care for a household, but that takes so much effort. I'm 19, and I just don't want to have all these responsibilities, but such is life. I'm currently looking for a job, and that's something I've never had much luck with. I've worked with my mother twice, but I've never been able to find a different job. It's part of the reason I'm back in Texas anyway. It's not easy. I've been trying to think of ways to make my resume look better, so if anyone has any tips, please comment.

Kieryn and I have started collaborating ideas for another project, which is funny if you only knew how many things we've planned together, and we haven't had a chance to do any of these projects. It's good though, she's a good person to collaborate with. She finally make a blog too, so I'll leave that here.

I'm watching wrestling right now. I started getting into it a little when I was in Vegas, and I've been watching all evening, and I can't believe how into this I am. It's so funny. I've got favorites too. I just don't understand why all the men wet their hair. What's that about? One dude looks like he's got Ramen hanging from his head.

I bought a new nail polish today, and I'm obsessed with it. Thought about making a post, but I'm on the fence about it. It's a different color depending on the angle and lighting, so I'm not sure how to photograph that.

Speaking of photos, I feel like mine are getting boring? I've been thinking of different ways to switch things up. I might take more photos outside? Maybe I'll go to the park in the mornings (to avoid people, very small town), and take outfit photos there? Okay, I need help with that. I've gotten comfortable enough to bring my camera out in public, but I'm still not okay with taking photos of myself around strangers. I'm sure it's something that just takes getting used to.

I received the dirtiest look from a girl I went to high school with at the grocery store this morning. That was confusing. Does anyone else who's out of school ever experience something similar? What's the point?

I'm not sure what I'm even talking about anymore. I think I'm going to do my nightly routine and get back to wrestling.


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