An Important Playlist // Live + Acoustic


This kind of means a lot more to me than I meant it to. The first time I made a playlist like this, I was seventeen or eighteen, and it was actually for Kieryn (we did this weekly at the time). I was originally going to find all of those videos again, but as I was getting everything together, I just couldn't do it. Some of these songs were discovered at age seventeen, which is my favorite and most sensitive and optimistic year of life yet. (dramatic) A lot of things have changed in just two years. And this is all probably really dumb to anyone not able so understand my four in the morning mind (everyone, sorry). This is all because of putting this playlist together this morning. 

I was going to begin this post by explaining it's original purpose. I find something really gratifying and magical (lame) about live/acoustic music. I can't pinpoint one specific component, but I love it with all of my being. I'm sharing this, because I want someone else to possibly realize how much they enjoy it too. So watch these videos, or play them in the background and create something. Enjoy it. Fall is really great for this ~atmosphere~ as well, so I'm being a seasonal blogger. There you go.

As I was saying before, I couldn't bring myself to put something so personal (the original playlist) out into the internet/world. The very idea makes me uncomfortable. Instead, enjoy a few old favorites, and plenty of new (to me) discoveries. I'm starting this off with a performance by The Head and The Heart, which is on the original playlist, and is quite possibly my favorite live performance by anyone ever. I hope someone's into it.

I'll probably follow up on this with a different opinion.


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