MFW SS15 Favorites

Oh Milan. I feel like a lot of shows this week swayed to one of two extremes: color blocking or interesting/busy prints. I'm loving the all the odd prints, and I noticed a variation of floral that wasn't so typical spring wear. There was a lot of beige as well, which I'm personally feeling. Black and beige and bright chunks of color (neutral blocks too (yes dude), something for everyone). There was structure (dimension and line work) and an easy bohemian feel. Most of this week could basically be put into two strong categories (though of course there's always those looks that scream ethereal goodness; they're my favorite and they don't fall into either category). I can't decide if this week has made me want to dress sophisticated and elegant or draw on my clothes and take to a hot glue gun and some flowers. Probably both. I've gathered so much inspiration this week, and that's really exciting. 

That photo is bothering me a lot.

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