Trying Makeup Again


 L I G H T    S H A D E

 D A R K     S H A D E

 E Y E L I N E R

 M A S C A R A

So basically, I've got this Ulta duo that isn't often used because I think it's pretty (and I never wear makeup, whatever). I thought I'd mess around with it. I like that it looks subtle, but that's about it. I hate makeup so much sometimes. My face was itching for the rest of the evening, I'm not  even exaggerating. Am I allergic to makeup? Um.

Not pictured above was the Elf eyeliner (white on white won't work), and the base that appears in nearly every other post like this. The duo is called Sweet Dreams. I honesty don't know if it's still sold, I've had it for a few years (probably five or something). 

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