Crazy For Feeling So Blue

Does this work or not? Obviously I'm going to make it work anyway. This is very bright for me. I was feeling it a lot more at the time. This is an older set that I kind of forgot about. My brain doesn't stay on one solid look for two months.

Saturday was pretty rough, and when I woke up Sunday, I did not like the post I had planned at all. So I skipped it. Simple. It's fine to take a day off. I'm back today from my dining room, freaking out. There were bad storms last night and the wind still hasn't calmed down. My neighbors have a trampoline (not theirs) lodged in their house, and every time a strong gust blows, it creaks and nudges closer to mine. That alone is unnerving, but I've got three dogs who would just love a gaping hole in a window. 

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