Frequently Worn in September

I'm so confused, I don't know why Blogger has made the last photo so dark. It doesn't look like that anywhere else. Cool. Thanks Blogger.

Anyway, this probably makes me seem lazy because of the shorts. I don't wear them in public, but I spent a lot of time home alone in September, so shorts were frequent. I finally bought another pair of black jeans, and I'm still excited because they complete me. I've also been wearing a (very) light gray basic top (left) and seamless tank tops (right). Hopefully the weather finally cools down in October so I can wear something else.

I haven't said a proper hello to October yet, but hello October. You are 1/2 of my favorite months and I am too excited about you even though it took four days to start making time for Halloween things. 


  1. Ive been wearing this kinda thing all the time too!

    Charlotte //


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