September '14 Recap

I spent some time this month re-figuring my entire thought process about blogging. Midway through September, I found myself stuck in the routine of it all, and I felt like everything I was doing wasn't up to my own standard, let alone anyone else's. This is the second time that's happened this year, and I guess it comes with blogging every day. Sometimes when your numbers gradually decrease/don't change* for a period of time, it's easy to be discouraged.

I found inspiration midway through the month though, and it's basically all I'm clinging to. I'm looking at inspiring people, inspiring music, movement in nature. For the first time in my life, I truly appreciate living in the country. Though it's far from flawless, there's peace, which I know now after living in a legitimate city for awhile. 


I think I'm going through a process of finding myself, which happens all the time, and always feels different. I've got fifty internal debates, and even more creative ideas swirling around that I don't even have the funds for, and this is life right now. Everything is in transition, as it has been for the last year, but as I type this at 4:32 in the morning, I wonder if the transition has hit a peak?

I think the theme of the photos this month is easily describable, but I don't want to. I don't want to admit it, or I don't want to put it into words. My mother recently thought to remind me how pretentious I can be, and yeah, it's the truth you guys. This is what happens when you live in your head. 

Anyway, life is literally in transition right now as well. The warm weather plants are dying off, and the petunias are blooming like crazy. The pool is empty these days, and I noticed some leaves turning orange. The grass in suburbia is yellowing, and I'm making it a goal to rip up the entire front yard and make everything fresh and new again. I mean pull weeds. I'm not going crazy and ripping up grass. I've taken on these tasks like this is my own house. It's not. Someone pay me.

I joke. 

Kind of. 

For the most part.

Let me say transition one more time.

*I know every other blogger says not to look at the numbers. They're on the home screen on Blogger. I'm going to see the numbers.

**I pulled out all of the morning glory (last two photos) because it was dying for Winter. It'll be back in Spring, but the yard looks so bare without it.

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