The Real Uniform


Awful, dumb, quick photos. This is a common combination when the air conditioner isn't broken. I was wearing sandals this day because this is Texas and it's still that warm, but I think it's time to start going with boots anyway. My hair is in this weird position where it has definitely grown, but the back is still shorter than the front, and it flips back because I slouch (ew). I don't want to trim it until it's a bit longer. 

I don't know what else to say. I'm drawing/painting a lot right now and listening to good music, and this is a very important combination. I'm trying to use Instagram again too, so we'll see if I actually keep up with that. Most of my social media/internet whatever effort goes to this blog (believe it poor quality or not). When the air conditioner is fixed, I'll get a head start on my next big project, which I might not even say anything else about until December. Maybe I'll post a couple photos to Instagram (hmm). I'm pretty excited about that though.

Enough rambling.

Also I regret these photos.

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