What I've Learned From My Skin

No skin type is the same. We all know that by now. And because I'm not a professional, I have no right to tell you what to do about your own skin problems. Instead, I can write about my own, and maybe someone out there deals with something similar.

My skin went to hell right after I started middle school. It was pretty bad for about four years. It was oily and covered in breakouts. Gross. To be honest, I didn't know how to properly take care of my face. I tried so many different cleansers and treatments. However, I realize now that age was a big factor. It happens. If you're 13 and your skin sucks, I'm sorry. It'll pass. 

These days, my skin goes back and forth. It's pretty much always got at least one breakout, but it's a lot more manageable. PMS triggers a few more breakouts, but at least it's not constant. I'm rolling into the adult acne years.

I've found that makeup doesn't really make a difference. From ages 13 to 18, I stuck to a strict (and usually too thick) foundation routine. These days I stick to tinted moisturizer and concealer. There was no obvious improvement after I ditched the foundation. I think my skin has become a lot more sensitive to makeup, but not in a way that affects my acne issue. I've just started switching to hypoallergenic products that don't make my face red and itchy.

I don't currently use any high end products on my face. I'm a 19 year old on a budget and I'm afraid to change my skincare routine. I have a basic routine: cleanser, toner, moisturizer. I've recently discovered that apple cider vinegar really helps get rid of redness. So, what I've got going on now works pretty well for me.

My advice would be to simply listen to your skin. No one knows what's better for it than you do.

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