C O N C E A L E R

Concealer is the only base product I use these days (along with a lot of moisturizer). I've recently switched to Physicians Formula, and I think it's working alright. My face isn't itching constantly. I'd recommend it.

B R O W S 

I decided to try using clear mascara, and I actually like it more than the eyebrow gel I was using before. Again, recommended.

D A R K   O R A N G E

 D A R K   B R O W N

Blend it into the the outer corner/edges.

 L I G H T   O R A N G E

Pat it on the inner + center parts of the eyelids.

 E Y E   L I N E R

Black or brown in the corners of the top and bottom waterlines.

 M A S C A R A

Add some basic lip balm and done.

I've been playing around with makeup again, and it's actually been fun. A lot of what I end up with is messy and dramatic like this, and I don't hate it. I like messy, messy is good. Also orange, I know.

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