Nail Colors for the Upcoming Holidays

I think I've confessed before that I rarely have painted nails. It never lasts between ruining the color with ink and paint, and chipping them from not being careful at all. However, I do enjoy having painted nails. The compromise is making sure they're painted for occasions where I don't think I'll be as careless. 

The holidays are basically here, and that means attending events with extended family and friends. I've picked out five colors from my own collection that would work great for the holidays. Obviously this is merely my own opinion, but check it out!

Elegant - I wear this year round. It's a really nice nude shade with a lavender undertone. 

Chameleon - This is one of my all time favorite polishes. It's a gold shade from one angle, and a metallic olive shade from another. The description almost sounds like something I would've loved as a child, but I promise it's not overbearing.

Sugar Sugar - This is a new polish that I've only actually used once. I love red nails, and this one's a bit dark and shimmery, which is great for matching someone's Christmas tree.

Envy - This is one of my favorite colors in general. Also nice for matching a tree/wreath/etc.

Black Onyx - When is black not appropriate? Never.

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