Pins II

So here's the thing...

I've been working on other things and pins not so much. I came into a good amount of old fabric (old as in 1990's, so not too old), and I've been seeing what I can do with it. Some of it will be for larger projects I'll talk about later, but I've got a lot of scraps to use for pins. 

I threw these two together one night a few weeks ago. The sword was the first thing I ever tried to embroider months ago. It was sitting around, so I decided to give it life. The bottom/smaller pin was meant to be something else, but I only had a very small amount of that colored thread left. It reminds me of a Victorian mourning broach, if green hair was a Victorian thing. They're just ugly enough to be on my coat lapels.

On another note, how do you guys like the layout changes? I've been working on that instead of posting for the last couple days, and I think everything looks more put together. Any opinions? 

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