Art Update

Painting has been fine, but I've been struggling with illustrations lately. I can only seem to draw variations of the same thing. Maybe it only seems like the same thing to me, or maybe you can see it too, but it's been unnerving for awhile. I keep telling myself that what I'm doing is fine. I'm still creating. That's all true. If you're going through a creative block as well, just keep working. Your mind will sort itself out. 

In the last few weeks I've done a lot of baking/cooking, tried to get myself excited for Christmas, and the cold weather went away for awhile. Hopefully I'll come around soon. I've been freezing all day, and I've been listening to music from The Nutcracker for hours. I'm going to work on more illustrations in a bit, and I found some loose canvas lying around, so I might do something with that.

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